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Nashville Budget Wedding Photography

It’s no secret that I got into this particular gig partially because of my love of photography, and wedding photography in particular. I mean, when else do we have a chance to hire amazing Nashville Budget Wedding Photographers,

Review:  NOT OFTEN ENOUGH (if you ask me). So, because of that, I researched our photography choice into the ground. We prioritized photography, but we still didn’t have tons of money to spend, which meant finding an artist who’s work stopped me in my tracks was tricky. But we did it. We knocked it out of the park so hard that I almost never say, “If I had a do-over, I’d hire such and such a photographer,” because when you nail something, why bother thinking about it ever again?

The Ceremony with Nashville budget wedding photographers

Guests will gather preceremony in the rustic amphitheater of centennial park rain or shine for self-serve “Thank you for getting up so early on a Saturday” treats and coffee. In case of rain or scorching sun, golf umbrellas will be provided for guests. Bonus: The umbrellas will also serve as the wedding favors. If the weather doesn’t require umbrellas, bring them to the restaurant and display them next to a sign thanking guests for keeping stormy skies at bay on your wedding day.


The Photographer

You can save big bucks by hiring a professional Nashville Budget wedding photographer who’s great in their event portfolio (meaning they might be a fine art photographer or photojournalist primarily but are looking to show off their work in events). Because the wedding will be during the day and require four hours of shooting time (10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), most photographers, like the ones at Mitchel’s Wedding Photography, will be a bit more flexible on pricing.