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Photographer Mitchel McClure has been the lead Nashville photographers / owner of Mitchel’s Photography since 1990 professionally, but has been a photographer all of his life. All types of photography sessions can be accomplished by Mitchel’s studio.



Mitchel is a professional photographer who has served Middle Tennessee in various photographic venues; Weddings, Events, Print, Magazine, Modeling, High Fashion, Commercial, Corporate and more.


We service all aspects of photography including photo editing with Photoshop and other professional image editing programs.


“I truly enjoy the essence, beauty and magic of light. I also like capturing subjects in new and exciting forms. Photography, for me, is life fulfilling with each wonderful image.” ~ Mitchel McClure



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Nashville Photographers Commitment

Hire professional Nashville Photographers with Mitchel’s Photography. We can cover any event or occasion, we specialize in event and entertainer photography. Mitchel’s Nashville Photographers are hard working artists who take the passion of photography very seriously and are committed to providing Nashville clients with the best service possible.

About Nashville Wedding Photographers

Being a Nashville photographer is a very rewarding profession to be in, yeah the competition is tough but that just keeps us on our toe and on the creative edge. Night life in Nashville, especially downtown is very vibrant and exciting Nashville Photographers are always there to capture the entertainers and their preferences. Working in the virtual center of the country we are able to go to any event, Concert, wedding in the country in no time, but with all the going-ons in Nashville there is very little reason for Nashville Photographers to travel.

Living and working with Nashville Photographers

There is no better place to live and work as Nashville Photographers than middle Tennessee. Everyone in Tennessee  know how wonderful here is, but for new comers the beauty is instantly evident. Nashville especially is a wonderland or should I say Opryland (lol pun). So in closing come visit, get married have a party or convention and we will be there.