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Nashville Wedding Photographers and Event

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 Nashville Wedding Photographers and Events starting at $899 Photography Photo Booth rental starting at $250.

Mitchel’s Photography is now running great specials. Check us out for the best deals around.

Mitchel’s Photography is proud to offer the best budget Nashville wedding photographers for all of Middle Tennessee. We are on a mission to provide everyone with the complete wedding and event packages, our wedding and event photographers start at $899, you could even get a photographer for as low as $369.

We Cover Many areas in Middle Tennessee like: Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Columbia, Lebanon, Dickson, Clarksville, and more. We have been honored to be Nashville wedding photographers at event venues all over Tennessee and some in southern Kentucky and northern Alabama.

Mitchel’s also provides complete wedding packages with top Nashville wedding photographers to cover your engagement photography as well as your bridal photography. Weddings are very special to the bride and the groom, so Mitchel wants to make sure you get everything you need even a real photo booth for your reception.

Wedding photography is very important and our event photographers know how to manage events like: Bar or Bat Mitvahs, Birthdays, Company parties, Corporate Events, Conventions, Concerts, Trade shows, Fairs, School parties, Church Functions, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, Corporate Parties, Baby Showers, Mary Kay parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, plus many more events.

The Proper Equipment is necessary for Nashville Wedding Photographers to provide a consistent look, but the creativity is even more important to the process. Mitchel’s Photography demands a high level of photographic skills and knowledge from himself and his team, so much so that Mitchel reeducates his entire team every year to keep up with the newest trends in wedding photography.

We also want everyone to go to our Nashville Photo Booths page and check out our great offers starting at $250 for photo booth rentals with all props included and many other options for a photo booth. Renting a photo booth for any type of party is a great idea. We service many kinds of photo booths and we have many options. A Nashville photo booth rental will make any party fun, exciting and memorable. Invite us to your nest party and you will see how we make your party fun and wild.

Mitchel also is a photographer for many types of Entertainers. Not only does Mitchel Photograph Weddings and engagements and other events, but he has been the photographer for many stars and entertainers such as, Dolly Parton, Josh Turner, Brandi Thornton, Foreigner, Rodney King, Jay Dee, Take six, and many others. We can help you get great entertainer photography for, singing, acting, comedy, magic, or whatever your field of artistry.  Mitchel will create a complete package for your Artistry and have your all your creative needs covered and within your budget.

Nashville Wedding Photographers, Dream City

Nashville is a gorgeous place for wedding photography. As Nashville wedding photographers, we appreciate the variety of original weddings and engagement photography locations. Downtown Nashville is a gorgeous place for engagement session photography, great wedding and engagement venues.

If you head to the outer areas of Nashville, you can find beautiful Nashville country venues in Burns, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Dickson, Lebanon and many Middle Tennessee cities. These are some of the best places for wedding photography, with gorgeous sunsets and rolling hillsides.

Nashville is one of the best places on earth for wedding photography. From the Hillsides to the quaint rustic grist mills, the area is full of great things to photograph. As wedding photographers, we’re trained in capturing all of the beauty in the Nashville skies during sunset as well as the grandeur of the beautiful architecture at hotels and the downtown skyline. At Mitchel’s Photography this is what we do and we love it so much.

20 years ago digital cameras were in no way ready for professional photographers. All of the professional event and Nashville wedding photographers used 35mm film cameras. No LCD screens, no digital media cards, and no one would receive over 400-500 images at the highest amount of shots. In my never too humble opinion it was more difficult to capture images properly. You had to know how to accomplish exposure correctly, as you could not get instant feedback on the images exposure from an LCD screen.

Proofing images was tougher as well. After exposing the film to the proper amount of light then it had to be developed/edited and printed. Once you receive a stack of four by sixes, you would contact your client and proof the images they needed and wanted. After agreeing on the images and which ones needed more editing, you then sent the negatives back to the lab (or your own darkroom if you had one) and processed all your edits and enlargements for your clients. OK lastly, when the images came back to you, you had to proof them before sending to the client. Whew! DONE. Well almost, finally categorize and store your negatives, now done.

Jump ahead 10 years. With the quality of digital cameras, and sensors reaching about 8-10 megapixels you were now able to capture printable images. What a change! The ease of digital LCD screens to you then were able to peek at your exposure. Online proofing then became available (no more four by six or proofing books), no more buying film (big expense), no longer having to hide out in a darkroom (all alone with a red light and chemicals). Now you may shoot as many images as you like with enough reusable cards, faster shutter speeds, and you do not need to worry as much about finding the exactly exposure, and you can view if it is correct with the help of histograms and such.

  Digital is not without its own problems to overcome, with things like color correcting monitors, storage of THOUSANDS of images, correct color calibration in camera, backing up images, and online proofing site management.